Make Sure Your Water Well Works Properly

Take advantage of water well inspection services

Since your water well system is almost entirely underground, it's not always obvious that there's a problem. Rick Freese Well Drilling Inc. performs thorough water well inspections and can find all kinds of potential issues with your well system. We'll check everything from the well pump the pressure tank and even the water itself. You'll receive a full report on the condition of your system and the water you're pumping into your home.

Catch problems as early as possible with an occasional water well system inspection.

What to expect during an inspection

What to expect during an inspection

Our team doesn't just look at your hardware. We test every part of your system to see if it's working properly and efficiently. During an inspection, we will:

Test the water well system's volume and pressure
Check every part for damage or improper construction
Test your water for bacteria, arsenic and nitrates

If your system has a problem, you can arrange for repairs to make sure your home is up to code and your water is safe. Contact us at 319-393-7267 for water well inspection services.